Our Fees

Fees and application for Late Birds for the school year 2018/2019

Regular Use

Fees per child per month for regular use of Late Birds:

August 2018 September 2018
to June 2019
Full time*
(5 Days / Week)
62,00 € 124,00 €
4 Days / Week* 51,00 € 102,00 €
3 Days / Week* 40,00 € 80,00 €
2 Days / Week 29,00 € 58,00 €
1 Day / Week 18,00 € 36,00 €
One-off registration Fee 25,00 €

*) For those who pay a monthly flat rate from 3 days / week, the childcare on early dismissal days or other school-free days are included.

For those who register for 2 days / week and 1 day / week, childcare on early dismissal days and other school-free days may be booked separately, dependent upon availability. The fees will be calculated on the basis of the single hour/urgent drop–in prices.

Occassional Use

Fees per child for occasional use of Late Birds:

Single hour/urgent drop-in per hour 5,00 €
One-off registration Fee 25,00 €

Explanatory Notes

The monthly costs for the regular use are based on the whole school year, from August to June, including holidays. The month of July is free. Fees are payable despite absences due to illness or travel, and until you de-register your child from our program.

For the new school year 2018/2019 we will offer childcare on an hourly basis for all occasional users of our program.

Holiday camps have separately calculated fees. We give a discount for all Families using Late Birds on a regular basis.

To register for Late Birds, you do not need any “Hortgutschein”.

The children will be accompanied to the school cafeteria for lunch, if you wish. The lunch costs are not included in our fees. Please arrange for this separately by registering with the school cafeteria (www.brunchatschool.de).